Values & Culture

Our people. Our strength.

Because safety is our Group’s core value, our ambition is applied at all levels. From occupational safety to process and transportation safety, it concerns our own employees, as well as those of our partners. Our core values are demonstrated everyday by our people: their dedication to perform with integrity; their commitment to treating one another with respect; their devotion to operating safely; and their creativity to inspire innovative ideas.

Beside our strong safety culture, a strong innovation culture is the engine that drives our organization to constantly get better, move forward, and innovate.
At GPS, innovation relates to the application of new ideas, products, or techniques. It pertains to anything that extends our ability to access resources that are harder to reach, or to do so more efficiently, effectively and safely.

Innovation is at the heart of GPS’s technical and economic performance.


Safety is a fundamental component of our culture. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to the safety of our employees or those around us.

As a leading oilfield services provider, we intimately understand the importance to deliver consistent quality products and services to our clients. GPS supports environmental protection, practice pollution prevention, and seek viable ways to minimize the environmental impact of operations, reduce waste, conserve resources and respect biodiversity.

Protect and minimise any harm to the environment in our oil and gas activities, and continuously focus on improving our environmental procedures.


Developing Solutions. Delivering Performance.

As a leading oil and gas company in UAE, GPS is using digital technologies to enhance their decision-making process, enabling them to tap new resources, boost recovery rates, and reduce environmental impact. We are focused on leading-edge technology that pushes the limits of the oil & gas industry.

It is our firm belief the greatest value we can offer our customers is the wellbeing of our combined workforce. Our safety-by-design culture not only improves performance, it reduces the potential for incidents that could result in harm. It also creates a healthier working environment for all those who work on and with our equipment.